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Build Resources with Positive Psychology Coaching

Coaching helps you identify and explore your personal goals, and guides you in developing your skills and resources.

In working with stress, anxiety, depression and addiction, the emphasis needs to be on how to create positive well-being, rather than how to get rid of negative states.

What Is Positive Psychology?

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Positive psychology is the science of optimal functioning, happiness and well-being. It asks, what is needed for humans to flourish and thrive? Well-being isn't just feeling good but entails a set of skills and resources:

  • the ability to access positive emotions such as hope and love, easily and frequently.
  • the capacity to engage in life, channeling our energy and creativity.
  • a sense of meaning, or connection to something greater than our everyday sense of self
  • the ability to form healthy relationships
  • a sense of personal control and autonomy

Many people are put off psychotherapy and counselling by the perceived emphasis on talking about the past, and negative feelings. Positive psychology is a completely different approach. Its on-going research programme has established a set of evidence-based methods and tools for building positive emotion, engagement and meaning.

Positive psychology's philosophy of building resources fits well with biofeedback which is a tool for building mind-body skills.

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