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Online Video Course: Stress Resilience Skills Training With Biofeedback

My Stress Resilience Skills With Biofeedback & Mindfulness training programme is based on rental of powerful biofeedback devices and is supported by a course of video teaching material designed to give you the key information, ideas and practices you need to make working with biofeedback a success.

The programme aims to help you work effectively with stress and anxiety (and related symptoms such as irritability and fatigue) by developing mind-body intelligence skills: the ability to guide your body towards states that support positive and resourceful mental and emotional states.

The teaching material consists of a number of video presentations, usually between 10 and 30 minutes in length. The video below is a collection of excerpts.

A central theme of the course is optimal breathing. Stress and emotions such as anxiety, anger and panic are often reflected in dysfunctional patterns of breathing. Conversely optimal breathing creates the conditions for optimal brain performance. Each of the three biofeedback parameters we cover, adds a component of optimal breathing training.

The course focuses on three key biofeedback parameters, each forming a vital component of optimal breathing:

  • EMG or muscle tension
  • Capnometry (also known as capnography)
  • HRV or heart coherence

Course Contents

The content is divided into five modules, plus an introduction and conclusion.

Module 1 sets up your project. That means:

  • understanding what the real problems are
  • formulating clear, realistic and relevant goals
  • considering what skills and internal resources you need, to achieve your goals.

Module 2 introduces mindfulness - a mind training method that can be combined with biofeedback.

In module 3 we start with biofeedback practice - specifically muscle tension (EMG) biofeedback. We'll explore the nature of the mind-body connection - how muscle tension relates to the experience of stress and emotions.

Module 4 introduces perhaps the most important content - capnometry biofeedback, over-breathing and how to optimize brain oxygen supply.

In module 5 we work with HRV biofeedback - a tool for training and exercising the parasympathetic nervous system, which is plays a major role in relaxation and in activating the brain's social and executive functions.

Full Course Access

Please note, full access to the course material is included when you rent biofeedback devices.

Alternatively you can buy access to the course. Please contact me to arrange this.

client testimonial

"I wanted to learn how to deal with the stress of my hectic lifestyle, which had led to addictive behaviours. The initial assessment showed me that I was hyperventilating, and with biofeedback I learned how to achieve optimal breathing. I would describe this state as “presence of full awareness and absence of any anxiety”. I've been practising at home and as a result I feel less stressed."

- Anonymous Client

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