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Introducing the Stress Resilient Mind Programme

The Stress Resilient Mind Programme is designed to help you learn to manage your mind, your emotions and your focus, using two of the most powerful tools available - biofeedback and mindfulness - making training as accessible and cost-effective as possible for people across the UK.

This training aims to give you the skills to deal effectively with stress, anxiety, panic, and stress-related symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, low mood, irritability and insomnia. Stress resilience is founded on the ability to guide your biology towards more favourable and supportive states.

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Components Of The Programme

The Programme has three components:

  • home rental of powerful biofeedback devices and software
  • an online video-based training course designed to teach you key information, ideas and practices needed to make home practice a success
  • one to one coaching sessions to give you personalized help when you need it, either via skype or telephone, or face to face in my office in York for those who can make it.

Three Biofeedback Parameters - One Integrated Training

Stress affects breathing - it creates breathing patterns that can significantly impair brain performance and disrupt emotional balance. Conversely optimal breathing training is a powerful means of developing resilience skills. That's why optimal breathing is a central focus of the programme.

On the Stress Resilient Mind programme you'll be working with three biofeedback parameters, all of which relate to breathing:


How The Stress Resilient Mind Programme Works

  • I want you to be confident in your investment - that's why I offer a money-back guarantee (terms & conditions apply) plus an opportunity to learn more about the programme before you buy with the free course preview.
  • When you're ready, sign up for one of the packages by clicking a button below.
  • As soon as you complete payment, you'll have access to the video teaching material - this is the starting point for your stress resilience training. The initial material is preparatory in nature, and you won't activate your rental until you've worked through this. You can take as long as you like over this phase.
  • During this phase you can book your first coaching sessions (included in the packages), either via skype or telephone or face-to-face.
  • Your first experience of biofeedback will be working with muscle tension, and this will take place in a face-to-face session in my office in York. If you can't make it to York for any reason, please contact me - other options are available.
  • You'll now be in a position to work with capnometry biofeedback, and then heart coherence biofeedback at home.
  • How much you benefit depends on how much you put in - regular practice is essential. I recommend at least 15 or 20 minutes per day throughout the rental period.
  • If you need more personal support you can book coaching sessions. Some coaching time is included - if you need more you can pay for extra sessions.
  • In the later stages of the programme, the focus is more on applying your learning in stressful contexts of your life, and perhaps also building a mindfulness meditation practice you can keep up.
  • If you'd like more time beyond the initial rental period, you can pay for more time - otherwise return the devices (using recorded delivery).

What Clients Say

"I found your material exceptionally good and clear ... excellent"

"This has been a very positive experience for me; the initial meeting that I had with you was very good. The way you asked questions and gave me feedback was very positive and I felt that you really listened and dug into certain areas ... The machines themselves were very good to work with; I had more use out of the capnometer as it showed how shallow my breathing can be. It was a very good tool to use as I tried to meditate with it on, speak on the phone with it on, and read; just to see how it affects me. It did give me deeper insights into my breathing."

"I'm very happy with the EMG [muscle tension biofeedback] and feeling that I'm getting a lot from it"

"All going well so far, lovely clear videos ... have been watching your lessons with breathing pacer on for about an hour and am feeling v relaxed so all good"

Video Course & Free Preview

The programme includes a course of teaching videos, designed to give you the key information, ideas and practices you need to make working with biofeedback a success.

Course contents:

  • Goals & mindset: understanding the real goals for stress management
  • Mindfulness: a tool for training focus, attention & mind-body awareness
  • How biofeedback can support mindfulness practice
  • Working with muscle tension biofeedback to build acceptance & letting go skills
  • Optimal breathing training with capnometry biofeedback
  • Heart coherence biofeedback training

To try out some of the course teaching material, you can sign up for a free preview:

money back guarantee
money back guarantee

Your Money-Back Guarantee

Embarking on the programme is a significant commitment of time and money, and because it's so innovative, trust too. I want you to have confidence in your investment, so I've built in a money back guarantee.

  • You can work through as much of the course teaching material as you like, for as long as you like, before activating your biofeedback device rental, and if you don't like it you can have your money back in full with no questions asked.
  • You can work with the biofeedback devices at home for up to seven days, and if you're not satisfied you can return them for a refund, less any cost of posting the devices out to you, again no questions asked.
  • If you return the devices before the rental period is up, you're entitled to a partial refund of rent.

The Packages

Fundamentals Programme

  • Muscle tension biofeedback in face-to-face session
  • Rent capnometer + heart sensor only (not EMG)
  • Practise capnometry + heart coherence biofeedback at home
  • Pay returnable deposit for kit: £300
Option 1
  • 3 weeks device rental
  • 2 hour face-to-face session
  • 1.5 hours further coaching
  • Package price: £ *** PLEASE CALL
Option 2
  • 5 weeks device rental
  • 2 hour face-to-face session
  • 2.5 hours further coaching
  • Package price: £ *** PLEASE CALL

Comprehensive Programme

  • Rent 2 devices offering EMG, capnometry + heart coherence biofeedback
  • Practise with all three parameters at home
  • Heart-breath synchrony training available (expert users)
  • Pay returnable deposit for kit: £500
Option 1
  • 4 weeks device rental
  • 4 hours coaching
  • Package price: £ *** PLEASE CALL
Option 2
  • 6 weeks device rental
  • 5 hours coaching
  • Package price: £ *** PLEASE CALL

More Questions? Request A Free Introductory Consultation

If you'd like to know more about the programme and how it might work for you personally, I offer a free introductory consultation, which can be by phone or skype, or can even be in my office in York if you like. I can tell you more about how I work, and you can ask any questions you may have.