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Teaching optimal breathing is core to my professional practice, and helping my clients achieve optimal brain function. That's because poor cognitive function and emotional balance is reflected in dysregulated breathing.

I developed this breath pacing software tool for my clients to use both within coaching sessions and in personal practice at home. It's designed to facilitate slow, regular breathing, which is known to build heart rate coherence and activate the parasympathetic nervous system, mediator of the relaxation response. It's useful as a stand-alone tool or in combination with biofeedback.

The software works by generating an audio tone that you can use to set the pace of your breathing. The controls allow you to set the breathing parameters (e.g. breathing rate, inhalation to exhalation ratio) that suit you best. The video below shows you its capabilities in more detail.

Embedded Brain Stimulation

You can optionally embed brain stimulation within the breath pacing sound - in the form of either isochronic beats or binaural beats. Evidence suggests these technologies can stimulate in brain functioning. One possible mechanism is EEG or brainwave entrainment - the sound invokes the brain's frequency-following response.

You can set the beat frequency - in fact there are two channels of sound so you can set two frequencies. For example, a frequency of 10Hz should stimulate alpha brain waves, which are associated with relaxation. You can also use the software simply as a beat generator without breath pacing.

You can even pan the sound between the left and right ears, creating some interesting effects.

Caution must be exercised. Be aware that stimulating the brain may be detrimental as well as beneficial. You should not use this technology if you have a brain-related medical condition such as epilepsy. You should not use it while driving or operating machinery.

Audio sample waveform

Audio Samples

This sample demonstrates the basic breath pacing mode.

The next sample demonstrates simple isochronic beats (two notes at the same beat frequency).

Breath pacing with embedded beats.

A sound that pans between left and right (requires headphones).

Installing the Breath Pacer Software

Enter your details in the form on the right, to receive a link to the software for download. To install the software, you need to unzip the download file, then run "Setup.exe". See the Audio Breath Pacer User Guide  for further information.

System Requirements

The software works with Windows versions 8, 7, Vista and XP. You need to have the latest service packs installed. The software was created using a Microsoft product called the dot net framework, which requires at least a 1 GHz processor speed, a minimum of 512 MB of RAM, and approximately 2 GB of disk space. You need to have the dot net framework installed - if you don't already have it the installer will attempt to download it.