Optimal Breathing Training For Stress Relief

Glyn Blackett □ Biofeedback Coach □ 01904 435267

Free Mini-Course in Breathing Well for Stress Relief, Emotional Wellbeing & Optimal Performance

Breathing responds to stress - often imperceptibly, but in a way that leaves us more prone to anxiety, irritability, fatigue and more.

Conversely, when done properly breathing can be a way of effectively relaxing, and setting up the conditions for calm, clear focus, abundant energy & motivation, and emotional positivity.

But too often, breathing is taught or practised in a way that misses the real benefits, and can even lead to you feeling worse, not better.

I've created a series of five short videos (average length 8 mins) delivered to you by email, that show you:

  • how stress and poor breathing adversely affect brain performance
  • the #1 breathing mistake that leaves you feeling worse not better
  • the difference between "good" stress and harmful stress, and how to transform them
  • three key components of healthy breathing
  • heart coherence, its benefits, and how to access it through slow, regular breathing.

Free Breath Pacer Software Tool

In addition, when you sign up you'll get access to a free software tool to help you with slow regular breathing for heart coherence - it generates both a sound and a bar graph that you can use to pace your breathing.

client testimonial

"Glyn and his biofeedback methods, relaxation and breathing techniques have helped me stop hyperventilating constantly, having crippling panic attacks and have enabled me to live my life again."

- Elspeth, East Yorkshire