Client Testimonials

The following endorsements are from clients who benefited from biofeedback, psychotherapy etc. Several of them have been reproduced on other pages of the site.

Please note, some of them refer to my previous business names before I relocated.


North Yorkshire

"The difference has been out of proportion to anything I would have expected"

I worked with biofeedback to slow and deepen my breathing. I had been panic breathing for a long time without knowing it. The difference has been out of proportion to anything I would have expected. I face the day to day challenges of work and family with a much more laid back and calm attitude. It's now rare for me to snap or loose my temper, when it used to be a regular occurrence. Physically I am much stronger. Challenges that had previously taken me to my limit I now find I can take in my stride (e.g. a 170 mile coast to coast cycle ride). I continue to use what I have learned every day.


North Yorkshire

"Biofeedback helped me learn to access a calm and more positive mind"

I didn't think I would ever have a decent night's sleep again. I was getting on average 4 hours. Biofeedback helped me learn to access a calm and more positive mind by showing how my thoughts affected my body and therefore my sleep. Now I am able to relax my mind and body more I am able to get 7 hours sleep.



"It has made a lasting difference to my attention"

I sought help for an issue with my attention span. Since childhood I've always found it hard to concentrate on a single thing for any extended period of time, and have always been easily distracted. Although my life was going well I really felt this issue was stopping me reach my full potential. Glyn introduced me to neurofeedback to try to strengthen my brain function. I quickly got the hang of it. I used the neurofeedback first in the sessions and then later at home on my own. After each 20-30 minute session my mind felt incredibly clear. I also felt very present, and any distraction from brain fog or mind chatter was much diminished. After using the system for about a month I feel it has made a lasting difference to my attention.


West Yorkshire

"... helped enormously in reducing my anxiety"

I have found biofeedback invaluable in treating my anxiety. With the help of this technology I became aware of the physical impact of my anxiety, and learned effective mind-body skills, which have helped enormously in reducing my anxiety. Before attending Glyn's therapy sessions, I tried many other treatments and strategies to reduce my anxiety. I would say that the strategies Glyn uses have helped me by far the most.


North Yorkshire

"I now sleep like a log"

I was suffering from insomnia, aches in the body and constant anxiety. My anxiety was so bad that I couldn’t sit watching a film without ironing at the same time. My perception of life was more gray than full of colour.

Glyn helped me with biofeedback relaxation techniques, combined with NLP methods that helped me develop more control, and a sense of a more positive future. Thanks to his empathy and patience I now sleep like a log, the pains in my body have vanished and I can even enjoy watching a film without ironing. Grazie Glyn!

Anonymous Client

North Yorkshire

"I learned how to achieve optimal breathing"

I wanted to learn how to deal with the stress of my hectic lifestyle, which had led to addictive behaviours. The initial assessment showed me that I was hyperventilating, and with biofeedback I learned how to achieve optimal breathing. I would describe this state as “presence of full awareness and absence of any anxiety”. I've been practising at home and as a result I feel less stressed.


North Yorkshire

"Since seeing Glyn I have been able to maintain my focus, and my performance has definitely increased"

When I came to see Glyn, I was keen to address two main issues: firstly the regular migraines I had suffered from since school, and secondly to improve my focus, which was very poor and affected my ability to concentrate at work.

As a result of a number of neurofeedback sessions (including HEG and LENS), I have found that in the three months since finishing neurofeedback I have only suffered four migraines – and these with reduced severity. Considering that before treatment I would regularly experience phases with weekly migraines – in some instances I suffered one a day over 3 – 4 days – this is a huge improvement.

The biggest improvement has been to my ability to focus and concentrate at work. I no longer fall asleep in afternoon meetings! Since seeing Glyn I have been able to maintain my focus, and my performance has definitely increased. The changes have been maintained since the therapy ended.

My initial nervousness on meeting Glyn was soon overcome, as he has a gift of making you feel comfortable when discussing the issues you wish to address. I would be happy to recommend Glyn Blackett as a proficient and effective therapist.


East Yorkshire

Glyn and his biofeedback methods, relaxation and breathing techniques have helped me stop hyperventilating constantly, having crippling panic attacks and have enabled me to live my life again.

Jean Claude


"I feel much healthier and enjoy life at a higher level"

For some time I had problems with mental focus and energy, especially at work. We did some testing to identify possible causes, and decided to try using biofeedback and nutrition. Amino acid supplements helped me, but I also learned how to improve my health on my own through diet.

Every day now, I feel much healthier and enjoy life at a higher level. I’ve lost weight, and gained control over my energy levels. More importantly, I believe I can keep doing it in a sustainable way.


East Yorkshire

Our 11 year old daughter has always had difficulty with planning, self-organisation and poor coordination. We approached Glyn because she was starting to regularly lose her temper and also at times would become destructive. Glyn recommended LENS treatment. The day after her first treatment we immediately noticed a difference, she seemed to be much calmer and happier in herself. In the three months since starting the treatment she has not had any such emotional outbursts. Her school work has also improved and she appears to be finding it easier to learn new things.

Glyn was very approachable and our daughter enjoyed her LENS treatment sessions.

Please note LENS refers to a form of neurofeedback - Low Energy Neurofeedback System.

Dr Sion Williams

General Practitioner

"Glyn is a gifted therapist
who I highly commend"

As a Junior doctor I had training from the Medical and Dental hypnosis society and subsequently had many years experience as a hypnotist. Working as a GP, I see there are a lot of hypnotherapists offering their services and that it is difficult to know who to trust and go to when hypnotherapy has been recommended by a GP or if you yourself feel that hypnosis and hypnotherapy may be the way forward.

I would like to recommend Glyn Blackett as a talented hypnotherapist who has helped me personally.

Glyn has a unique combination of complementary skills which contribute to his effectiveness as a hypnotherapist. Glyn has an impressive knowledge and practical experience of biofeedback and binaural beat technology. This has given him great skill and flexibility in leading clients into a comfortably relaxed mental state. He has a deep interest in meditation and meditational techniques and this has given him a broader approach to therapy than you will find in many therapists

A trustworthy and professional man, Glyn is a gifted therapist who I highly commend.



Working with biofeedback has helped me dramatically reduce the severity of mood swings, and to achieve real improvements in both my work and family life.

H. Taylor

North Yorkshire

I attended York Mind-Body Health because I had developed a debilitating phobia and attendant anxiety. Biofeedback technology, combined with relaxation and meditation techniques, helped me separate my momentary physiological responses from my longer term psychological distress. Although not easy and requiring considerable application, the approach has proved extremely successful. I am hopeful that this experience will help me to deal with other anxieties and over-reactions to particular events in the future.


Student and mental health worker

I can highly recommend Glyn Blackett as a competent and effective therapist. I consulted Glyn because I wanted overcome my fear of the dentist; we then went on to look at other areas of my life that I felt needed change. Glyn helped me to find the strength within myself to make choices and changes that resulted in me conquering my fears and gaining some control over my eating patterns. Going to the dentist is much less traumatic now (my dentist would agree!) and I am on the road to a much healthier lifestyle because of Glyn’s invaluable help.

Dharmachari Vajradaka

Meditation Teacher

The set-up of my hypnotic treatment with Glyn was very interesting. I wore headphones and heard a combination of Glyn’s voice and something called a binaural beat, in the form of a gently rising and falling sound. The 'technical' side of it was not intrusive or distracting. On the contrary I found the combination of the sound and voice allowed me to go very deep into the area of body/mind relationship that I wanted to explore. A couple of years or so before the treatment I had been diagnosed as having a peanut allergy. The reactions I had were sometimes quite violent. Although I immediately stopped eating peanuts it seemed as if my whole digestive system was in disarray. My appetite seemed out of kilter - it was as if my head was having to work out when I was hungry and when I’d had enough. It was doing its best but it clearly was not right way of coming to that kind of decision. It was for this reason that I had the treatment with Glyn. During and after the treatment it became really clear that I had lost my instinctive ability to know when I had had enough to eat or what I needed to eat. The way that Glyn guided me to find and believe in my own instinctive sense of appetite was masterful. After that my whole pattern of eating returned to normal and I have not had any problems in that area since.


"Right from the start, I felt completely at ease with Glyn"

I have had a life-long deep-seated phobia of the dentist ever since the age of 6 – 7 years old, when I had 9 teeth extracted all at the same time. As I grew up, my fear increased more and more especially when I had to have injections, until I could no longer face the prospect of going to the dentist any more. It must have been around 30 years since I last visited a dentist.

Recently I’ve been having dental problems, but I was too petrified to even pick up a telephone to phone a dentist, let alone sit in a dentist’s chair and have treatment. I knew I had to somehow conquer my fear and have treatment. I was put in touch with Glyn Blackett and it was the best move ever. Right from the start, I felt completely at ease with Glyn and after only the first hypnotherapy session, he had persuaded me to telephone a dentist, not to make an appointment, but just to find out what to expect on a first visit. After the second session, I was actually able to telephone a dentist to make an appointment for a check up. On my first visit to the dentist, I found it very hard to have even a dental mirror in my mouth without gagging and retching.

In addition to further hypnotherapy sessions, Glyn also supplied me with a CD that allowed me to use self-hypnosis both at home and at the dentist. I found this extremely helpful. I eventually had 3 fillings and 2 teeth extracted, as well as thorough cleaning and polishing. I now feel confident enough to visit the dentist without fear, on a regular basis. I cannot thank Glyn enough for all his help. I certainly could not have done it without him.

Brian Johnson

"I felt in control at all times"

I consulted Glyn Blackett, because I wanted to find some resolution of some painful experiences from my past, which were negatively affecting my present life.

When I first considered hypnotherapy, I did not really understand what was involved in this process. In the back of my mind were memories of hypnotised people making complete fools of themselves – I had seen a stage hypnotist once while on holiday in Spain.

When I visited Glyn for the first time I quickly realised, through discussion, that the therapy he offered was far removed from such fears. I realised that the whole process is about self-empowerment. Through Glyn’s skilful guidance my deep subconscious mind was able to inform my conscious mind and enable it to reassess its own responses to situations that I come into contract with in my life. I was able to look at past grief and pain, which my conscious mind had struggled to cope with, and with a free flow of subconscious input I was able to respond in a creative way, in an effort to move forward.

I felt in control at all times. Although I did experience being under hypnosis, I knew that I could halt the process of the therapy and withdraw myself from the induced trance, and I always felt free to choose whether to pull back or continue.

I was very grateful for Glyn’s help and have no hesitation in recommending his ability to anyone considering this type of self awareness development.

Janis Roper

"Glyn is highly gifted, with the rare ability to put himself in someone else’s situation."

My name is Janis. Several months ago I consulted Glyn Blackett for help. Following brain surgery, I acquired a brain injury which left me paralysed down my left side and lacking sight in my left eye. My left hand was commonly locked up and I wanted help to learn to release the tension.

During initial consultations with Glyn my left hand actually moved to my great delight. Since then glyn has given me hypnotic inductions on compact disk. These are incredibly beneficial. I use them every day and now feel convinced that there is life to be regained in my inactive limbs. The fact that they are personalised, using my name, gives them greater impact. After I use them I find myself wandering around the house with the messages and the sounds still in my head and feeling as if I am in a dream. I also have a renewed and positive energy and find myself capable of achieving things I never would have imagined possible.

In short I have learned that positive messages and suggestions aimed at the subconscious are of great benefit.

Glyn is highly gifted, with the rare ability to put himself in someone else’s situation. He is highly empathetic and professional. I would be delighted to verify my comments any time on 08700 245276.


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