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Mind-Body Training Tools - EEG Neurofeedback Assessment Module

The EEG assessment module enables neurofeedback practitioners to quickly and easily run assessment procedures using a range of amplifiers (1 to 8 channels), generate easy-to-read reports on which to base their choice of neurofeedback training protocol, and track the progress of neurotherapy.

Key design features:

  • Record EEG using 1, 2, 4 or 8 channels
  • Works with a range of amplifiers - in principle any device supported by BioEra
  • Automated artefact exclusion (eye blinks, muscle tension) based on adjustable thresholds, set before or during data recording
  • Automated report generation, showing key metrics of interest to neurofeedback practitioners, e.g.:
    • Left-right hemisphere comparison
    • Theta to beta ratios across the scalp
    • Alpha response / alpha blocking
eeg neurofeedback assessment chart
eeg neurofeedback assessment chart

The software is flexible to your needs - you can record from just a few sights, or from across the whole head. It could be used for something e.g. for something like the EEG assessment procedures described by Dr Paul Swingle ("Biofeedback for the Brain"; "Adding Neurotherapy to Your Practice") or John Demos ("Getting Started With Neurofeedback"). It is an independent product not endorsed by either of these authorities.

The EEG Assessment module is suitable for use by professional neurofeedback therapists, and committed home neurofeedback practitioners and biohackers. It can potentially by used to track results of brain stimulation tools (e.g. tDCS) or of psychotherapy.

EEG neurofeedback training is also available via the Mind-Body Training Tools EEG Neurofeedback Training Module.


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